Maximus Notifications

Maximus Notifications

Maximus Systems provides a notification service for your Maximus.

1. Contact type

Users can be contacted by:
- Email

2. Event type

The types of events for which the user will be contacted can be defined in the Maximus. They are:
- Alarm
- Warning
- Return to Normal
- Reports

3. Event list

The list of events for which the user will be contacted depends on building configuration. They are:
- Feed remaining
- Feed consumption
- Water consumption
- Water spill
- Animal weight
- Air conditions
- Hardware error / system malfunction
- Dry contacts
- Water pressure
- Chore monitoring
- Water quality
- Manure management
- Tank level
- Generators
- Power consumption
- Feeding run time

4. Subscription

To start receiving notifications, enter your contact information in the Contact Management menu of your Maximus.
You can also subscribe for SMS Short Code 629687 (MAXMUS)

5. Frequency

The frequency at which messages are sent depends on your Maximus settings. Message and data rates may apply.

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