Privacy Policy

Details of personal data processing

1. Processing duration
The duration of the processing is determined by the Client.

2. Data Subject Categories
The Personal data that is processed may concern the following categories of data subjects:
 - Report name
 - Alarm priority

3. Personal Data Categories
The Personal Data that is processed may concern the following categories:
 - Client’s contact data such as: email, mobile phone number, first name, last name.
 - Actual alarm value, set point.
 - Alarm status.
 - Maximus name, barn name, input name, output name.
 - Production report data.

Maximus Systems does not intentionally collect and/or process any category of personal data. Processing of such categories of personal data by Maximus Systems would be unintentional. The Client bears the sole responsibility for ensuring that such processing is done in accordance with any applicable laws.